The entire AlgaEnergy team wishes to convey its affection and sincere thanks to all those people who are working, under very harsh conditions, to face the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Our recognition is especially meant for health professionals, who even give their lives to take care of ours, and in addition our gratitude goes to all the people who are part of the agri-food chain, for the effort they are making to guarantee uninterrupted food supply to the population. Together let’s all make their efforts merit the results they deserve.


Take care and protect yourself.



Discover the package of measures that we have put in place to fight against COVID-19   



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Reference Shareholders

Founded in 2007, AlgaEnergy has IBERDROLA and YOKOGAWA as shareholders since 2009 and 2018, respectively. IBERDOLA and YOKOGAWA are international reference companies in their activity sectors and share the pride of being part of the ranking 'The 100 most sustainable multinational corporations in the world’. This ranking, which is elaborated by Corporate Knights, is presented every year at the Davos Forum.

Spanish company world leader in renewable energies

More than 113 billion euros assets

 40.000 employees

Shareholder since 2009

IBERDROLA is the world's leading renewable energies company, and one of the world's leading electricity companies. It is a pioneer company and very committed to environmental sustainability, which motivated its investment in AlgaEnergy in 2009. Not surprisingly, since 2000, it has managed to reduce its emissions in Europe by 75%.

Japanese company, world leader in technology

More than 100 years and more than 113 subsidiaries

 20.000 employees

Shareholder since 2018

Founded in 1915, YOKOGAWA is dedicated to powerful activities in the areas of measurement, control and information, automating industrial processes with cutting-edge technology. In 2018 they enable a budget close to one billion dollars to diversify their business in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, demonstrating their valuable and determined commitment to sustainable development.

Tsuyoshi Abe

Vice President and Marketing Director of YOKOGAWA

“Yokogawa aims to contribute directly to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through its core business activities, and this year we established a new Life Innovation business unit in line with that. This is our first serious foray into clean technology in the bioeconomy, which was recently added as a new focus area in our long-term business framework, so we have high expectations for this exciting strategic partnership.”

Shareholding structure of AlgaEnergy: