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AlgaEnergy is studying the application in sectors such as pharmaceutical and in obtaining biomaterials, among other applications.

Production of Biofuels from certain microalgae and cyanobacteria is the most promising alternative because their production, compared to that of first- and second-generation biofuels from agricultural crops, is higher and more sustainable. It uses sewage, brackish or marine water, does not require the use of agricultural land, and does not compete with human food. A daily harvest is obtained and the cultivation process is environmentally friendly because microalgae are a consumer of greenhouse gas CO2.

Based on basic research developed over decades by Spanish universities and research centers, AlgaEnergy is following a responsible scientific and technological path, with the aim of making the production of biofuels from microalgae industrially profitable. Indeed, this biofuel, with high energy potential and other outstanding properties, has already been produced by AlgaEnergy although the company is currently in a reduced-production-costs phase.

R&D programs developed for this purpose cover the entire value chain, including: selection and genetic engineering work of different microalgae, with initial substantial amounts of lipids and carbohydrates (some patented); establishment of a suitable, scalable, and optimized production process or development of new and more effective and competitive extraction methods.

In addition, microalgae are an inexhaustible source of active compounds that make it possible to develop drugs, given that they are unicellular beings that have existed on the planet for 3 billion years and have required an almost unlimited biochemical wealth to be able to adapt to all kinds of conditions. Hundreds of scientific publications praise their potential for fighting all kinds of pathologies, viruses and even some types of cancer. Although this potential is yet to be confirmed in the coming years and decades, the experiences and results obtained are certainly encouraging.

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